Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Now This is a Giveaway!!!

Denise Yezbek Moore is offering the dream give away if you love beads...and I love beads...so don't bother to add your name. I want them all!!

Just kidding....:)....if you want a chance to win head to her site...but be quick, the drawing is Saturday. And you get to have a say in whether all go to one luck winner (me) or it is divided in to six or seven winners.

Hurry and get your name in the pot, click on the title and you will go right there...and look for a give a way from me in the very near future!! This is my 100th post and I want to celebrate!!! Later Gator.....as my friend Gina says:)

Monday, June 14, 2010

What an Amazing Thing it is to be an Artist...

It always delights me to see what an other artist will do with my pieces. I am never disappointed with the next step my little raku treasures take in someone else's hands. They are elevated from silent pieces to treasures that sing and shout...Look at Me!!!

And in Alexandra's hands...they really sing! You must visit her Etsy shop to see many more lovelies!! Just click on the title above and you will be transported there:)

A native of Southern California's rural Topanga Canyon, Alexandra has since moved to the beautiful Central Coast. Hiking, rock-collecting, and time with the pets are hobbies that lend themselves to her craft; nature and wildlife are such an inspiration to her. She says "I'm at my best when immersed in a creative task that involves all my senses and attention. I learned jewelry-making on the job at a bead store where I worked during my college years, and it has remained a passion ever since."

In her shop you'll find one-of-a-kind, timeless designs arranged in a simple flow of semi-precious metals, gemstones, and vintage glass. "I enjoy combining these elements in ways that remind me of nature, since that is where I always find my peace and gratitude."

Alexandra constructs all the jewelry herself, and is happy to customize pieces to your specifications. Please contact her with any special requests you may have by clicking on the title above and going to her shop. Happy shopping!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Kiln is Dead...Long live the Kiln

It looks like my third hand, my brightly burning kiln has fired it's last load. There may be some hope that it can be repaired...but weighing the cost of repair, against new, will be a tough decision!

However...if this was her last hurrah...she did some magnificent pieces. I would say she went out in a blaze of glory!!

I still have many pieces to post from her last few firings...you will have to check my Etsy site to see what brilliant colors she has left me with.

I'll let you know how things go...and if there is a miracle worker in the wings to help her. I have two sources, who, even on a Sunday afternoon took the time to reply to my emails of distress. One even offered a possible solution to my problem...but the solution does not seem to be working. So...Sweet Kiln...I'll hope for the best...but I think you have done your best:)

Friday, June 11, 2010

To Kill a Mockingbird....Not Really....I Made a Mistake...

Either my Mockingbird is good at disguise...or I did not identify the species very well:) I do indeed have a pair of Mockingbirds that stay close to this area, and sing daily. However...my little foundlings are Robins! That works for me!!! More feathers today than yesterday, more frequency in the feedings...wonder how long before the little darlings will fly, fly, fly away? From behind my lattice blind I can see how attentive the parent is...and not disturb the daily routine.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wait for it........wait for it........now wasn't that was worth the wait?

While doing some much needed yard work I ran across this nest...assuming ( you know what that means:)) it was last years nest. I took a peak to see if maybe there was something there.....

And looking back at me was one of two young Mockingbirds. The closest one was dozing in the heat of the day...waiting for lunch to magically appear.

And he was not wrong....wait for it....wait for it...

My surprise is, this nesting duo is only about five feet from my raku kiln! I have a white lattice covering that edge of the porch for privacy. I had no idea the little darlings were there...what a wonderful surprise. I can peak through the lattice...with camera...and now watch them as they grow and test their wings. A bird blind of sorts! I caught this feeding in process this evening...how serendipitous!

The pair of adults have nested in another tree close by for the past couple of years. I love to listen to their complex songs, trills, imitations. I have some of the songs on video somewhere deep in my digital locker, I'll see if I can find one for you to listen to at a later date. But for now...I am delighted to share this with you!! Enjoy!!

Blue Angel by Belvedere Beads

Love seeing my little creations grow in another artists hands into such beautiful treasures:) My little wing has taken flight in Lucinda's hands! Her lamp work beads are always a treat... especially her new collection depicting wild birds...it seems I am collecting a Murder of Crows:) I can't get enough of her little dark beauties. You will have to check some of her back posts to see the lamp work Fly she created....amazing!

There are more birds for sell in her Etsy shop...blue, red, yellow and my favorite, Ravens/Crows!
Take a peak to see what she and her torch are up to....http://www.etsy.com/shop/belvedere

Click on the title above to go to Lucinda's blog...see her many talents that captures nature in her lamp work, painting and sketching.

Monday, June 7, 2010

And Let There Be Color...Or Maybe Not...

I have been having great firings lately. Brilliant color that also shows the texture in the clay. Perhaps a dozen consistent firing that delivered what I wanted.

And then there was this firing.....

Very same glaze, very same temperature, very same reduction time in same chamber. But...no brilliance in color. The only change was using shiny advertising paper instead of plain newsprint. Who would have thought that would make a difference? Certainly not me! I have another firing in reduction now...with newsprint...anxious to see what happens....only one minute left before popping the top and seeing if I am back in the color!! Gotta go...............

Twenty minutes later.....got my color back!! But me, being me....I kinda like the earthen dark and pastel purple and blue colors in the "bad" firing. I got lemons...but I think I can make some lemonade? Another set of unusual firings to add to my...Miss Havisham's Garden...grouping.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Beetle by Any Other Name...love this glaze combination!

I really enjoy playing with glazes...seeing what will happen when you layer and re-fire a combination. I was particularly happy with how this beetle turned out:) The same glazes I used on Izzy's Tree. but this time I layered the Turquoise Luster over red dots on the abdomen of the beetle. I can't get a good photo that shows the depth of the coloring in this glaze. In the bright sunlight this pendant just sparkles with iridescent color, in lower light it looks golden with a red middle.

I am working on firing some new glazes with pretty pastel pinks and blues. Will be posting new items in shop over next couple of days. I spent a couple of weeks making new bisque pieces and filling an order. It feels good to be experimenting again:)

Stop by next week and look at my new little treasures if you have the time:)