Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wait for it........wait for wasn't that was worth the wait?

While doing some much needed yard work I ran across this nest...assuming ( you know what that means:)) it was last years nest. I took a peak to see if maybe there was something there.....

And looking back at me was one of two young Mockingbirds. The closest one was dozing in the heat of the day...waiting for lunch to magically appear.

And he was not wrong....wait for it....wait for it...

My surprise is, this nesting duo is only about five feet from my raku kiln! I have a white lattice covering that edge of the porch for privacy. I had no idea the little darlings were there...what a wonderful surprise. I can peak through the lattice...with camera...and now watch them as they grow and test their wings. A bird blind of sorts! I caught this feeding in process this serendipitous!

The pair of adults have nested in another tree close by for the past couple of years. I love to listen to their complex songs, trills, imitations. I have some of the songs on video somewhere deep in my digital locker, I'll see if I can find one for you to listen to at a later date. But for now...I am delighted to share this with you!! Enjoy!!

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  1. how cool to have them nesting so close! makes it one of those 'magical' places in your garden!! love it!