Friday, June 11, 2010

To Kill a Mockingbird....Not Really....I Made a Mistake...

Either my Mockingbird is good at disguise...or I did not identify the species very well:) I do indeed have a pair of Mockingbirds that stay close to this area, and sing daily. little foundlings are Robins! That works for me!!! More feathers today than yesterday, more frequency in the feedings...wonder how long before the little darlings will fly, fly, fly away? From behind my lattice blind I can see how attentive the parent is...and not disturb the daily routine.


  1. How cute! Are they actually right near your house or at the back of your lot? We have a wren that keeps pecking its beak, actually trying to fly into our family room window. Poor thing. There are marks all over the window. It's high up--a transom window. He comes every day, three times a day or more. Last year a robin did the same thing. Today, a robin tried to fly into one of our lower windows and died on our deck step. I feel so badly.

  2. They are about four feet from the edge of my porch and just low enough that if I stand on my tippy toes I can see into the nest:) But as you can see, the best vantage is from behind my lattice and with my camera on zoom.

    Had a bluejay once that had a love/hate relationship with the bumper of the car. Came daily to fuss and puff up at it's own image:)