Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Now This is a Giveaway!!!

Denise Yezbek Moore is offering the dream give away if you love beads...and I love beads...so don't bother to add your name. I want them all!!

Just kidding....:)....if you want a chance to win head to her site...but be quick, the drawing is Saturday. And you get to have a say in whether all go to one luck winner (me) or it is divided in to six or seven winners.

Hurry and get your name in the pot, click on the title and you will go right there...and look for a give a way from me in the very near future!! This is my 100th post and I want to celebrate!!! Later Gator.....as my friend Gina says:)


  1. On Your 100Th Post i will be Your Blogs 103rd Follower..
    Ha ha ha..
    Congrats and All Best Wishes!!

  2. WOWIE!!! what a stash - seriously you must be a give-a-way STALKER cause you always find the very best ones!!

    PS - your blog is flirting with me - the word verification is:



  3. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE beads, too!!! Oh, oh! Teacher, teacher... I feel like a little kid, I'm so excited! I got your pendant in the mail and can't wait to make a necklace. I'll be listing it, but I want to keep it, myself. I'll have to purchase another after I sell something. I'll keep you posted on my creation. Thanks so much. And the little one... Adorable! Oo-oo! So excited!!!

  4. Wow, really cool pieces!! Great to have found you. Lisa