Monday, June 14, 2010

What an Amazing Thing it is to be an Artist...

It always delights me to see what an other artist will do with my pieces. I am never disappointed with the next step my little raku treasures take in someone else's hands. They are elevated from silent pieces to treasures that sing and shout...Look at Me!!!

And in Alexandra's hands...they really sing! You must visit her Etsy shop to see many more lovelies!! Just click on the title above and you will be transported there:)

A native of Southern California's rural Topanga Canyon, Alexandra has since moved to the beautiful Central Coast. Hiking, rock-collecting, and time with the pets are hobbies that lend themselves to her craft; nature and wildlife are such an inspiration to her. She says "I'm at my best when immersed in a creative task that involves all my senses and attention. I learned jewelry-making on the job at a bead store where I worked during my college years, and it has remained a passion ever since."

In her shop you'll find one-of-a-kind, timeless designs arranged in a simple flow of semi-precious metals, gemstones, and vintage glass. "I enjoy combining these elements in ways that remind me of nature, since that is where I always find my peace and gratitude."

Alexandra constructs all the jewelry herself, and is happy to customize pieces to your specifications. Please contact her with any special requests you may have by clicking on the title above and going to her shop. Happy shopping!


  1. Thanks for making me a favorite on Etsy! You are the first in my shop's very young life. Any tips for success!?! I love your stuff:)

  2. you have inspired so many so many Etsy artist to create there MOST beautiful and original work - your pieces are a dream to work with!

  3. Gorgeous jewelry using your components! I was happy to find you through Janet at SingingWoods!

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