Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Beetle by Any Other this glaze combination!

I really enjoy playing with glazes...seeing what will happen when you layer and re-fire a combination. I was particularly happy with how this beetle turned out:) The same glazes I used on Izzy's Tree. but this time I layered the Turquoise Luster over red dots on the abdomen of the beetle. I can't get a good photo that shows the depth of the coloring in this glaze. In the bright sunlight this pendant just sparkles with iridescent color, in lower light it looks golden with a red middle.

I am working on firing some new glazes with pretty pastel pinks and blues. Will be posting new items in shop over next couple of days. I spent a couple of weeks making new bisque pieces and filling an order. It feels good to be experimenting again:)

Stop by next week and look at my new little treasures if you have the time:)

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