Monday, May 31, 2010

MiddleEarths Jewels: Raku Cross pendant...The Dead Marshes

From this humble this splendid creation.......................................

This stunning work of wearable art has one of my raku crosses as it's focal point....but the hole piece is a focal point!!! Perfect blending of color and balance and interest....PERFECT!!! An honored to have a piece of my work included in Mary Anne's creation....check out her blog...and her's listed on Etsy!! Better hurry though...:)
Middleweights Jewels: Raku Cross pendant...The Dead Marshes ...


  1. what a beautiful shade of green - your pieces inspire everyone who touches them, this is just another lovely example of you inspring and bringing the BEST out in your fellow artist!

  2. Greens in any and all shades are my faves. This touches my spirit.

  3. What a beautiful cross that turned into a beautiful necklace! That must be just the best feeling ever to create something with your heart and then send it on to someone else to add even more heart and then someone buys that and loves it with all of their heart!!Kind of a "pay-it-forward" effect.
    Beautiful work...

  4. Truly beautiful! I love the softness of your Raku cross and the lovely finish that MiddleEarths gave to the cross with her delicate necklace of dainty charms and soft ribbon. The colors are so earthy and visually refreshing. Truly a gem!

  5. I can't say it better than elsiee in the first comment..'..inpiring the best in a fellow artist'! And I do admire one who can be unselfish enough to pass on their work of art for others to 'use'.