Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Flatback Assemblage Charlottes added to my shop

I enjoy making these little dolls. Each one is so distinctive on it's own. They are primitive and look to be eons old...but they are fresh from this mornings firing:) I even managed to get a really little...less than one inch... doll fashioned.
The Charlotte inspired dolls are flat backed, which makes them great for assemblage projects.
They vary in length from 1 1/4 inch to 1 3/4 inch. And are approx 1/2 inch wide.

Title above is linked to one of the Etsy listings.

Thanks for looking:)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Harry's Been at it Again...Just Love What OscarCrow Does With My Little Treasures...

Harry used a Silver plated brass frame that holds one of my raku cabochons. Upon the face of the cabochon are a sterling silver tree, star and bird. Two inches in diameter and backed by an old pocket watch cover. The beautiful green and gold iridescent glaze lends an air of tranquility to this contemplative piece.It is suspended on a twent inch by 1mm silver cable with a lobster claw closure.

For this wonderful piece...Harry used one of my one inch raku beads mounted on a 1 crown coin from the Netherlands supported on a brass bezel with a 20 inch chain. The reverse side has a portrait of Queen Julianna which slightly resembles the mythical lady on the front.

IF you click on the title above you will be transported to OscarCrow to see the reverse of this beautiful piece. (I can't seem to bring in the Queen Julianna photo in to this posting.)

There are many other magical pieces awaiting your view:)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's Scary Time Again!!

This was such a fun treasury to collate:) I had no idea there was such wonderful strangeness in the Etsy community:) I fit right in...don't I:) If you want to visit these shops...I have a link from the title above to go directly to the treasury. Would love a comment if you are so inclined:) Thanks Bunches!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Treasuries...I love browsing them, Creating them...and Especially being in them!!

Don't Go In There! by MayLynnFlowers

Seeing Stars by mmclan

Sunset Views byWalrustusk

Hope you will visit these treasures and comment on their wonderful curations!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Spirit Doll Created...Inspired by the Cindy Chavez Class...

Though I still need to name this new creation, and I have a few finishing beads to add to the bare spots...this little doll is basically finished. Cindy's class at has really taken my muse for a ride:)
I raided my inventory that I had not had a chance to post on Etsy...and pulled them together in this assemblage doll. It is on a cotton loose weave base, and framed with cotton textured yarn, and various types of beads and pearls. The legs and feet dangle so there is movement in the piece. The back is finished with cotton floral fabric design. A brass loop is added to hang the piece from silk or a metal choker.
It is not for the faint of heart to measures 4 x 6 inches. I wore it high on a choker then layered it with two strands of small red beads, put on all four of my beautiful beaded bracelets from Steph at , and went out to see if it was "too much" I wore it with the reds and blues would pop...and they did. I had compliments:) It was not "too much" after all. A real statement piece... and I have already started on another spirit doll. This one will be a little smaller...but just as wondrously strange:)

See my previous post for instructions to find Cindy's class...or go to and type in Cindy Chavez in the faculty area to find her wonderful classes!! Can't sing her praises enough!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Teacher Teaches...An Art Teacher Inspires!

I have sung the praises of Cindy Chavez before on my blog. Her beaded art work is simply amazing. And to have my some of my raku work included in her art pleases me to no end:)
The photo above is from one of her on line classes and is the inspiration piece done by Cindy for her Beaded Spirit Guide Pendant class at

And these photos are of my interpretation of her Spirit Guide Pendant. Cindy's tutorial was such fun to follow. Each item needed for the class was listed...all I had to do was gather my materials and spend a relaxing evening with my favorite movie in the background following the step by step photos and instructions in the pdf that came with the class.

I am quite pleased with my first attempt at beading such a pendant. Of course, there is leeway to make the piece your I added one of my raku faces, two of my stoneware wings, antique watch face and part, a piece of my grandmothers antique lace and a fun mix of pearls,glass and wooden beads.
I still have some things to add, and to make a neck piece so she can be worn. I was so excited that I wanted to share with you at this point of pre-completion.

You can find Cindy's work on her blog at...., and much more on her website... . You are in for a treat as you are teased by each photo on her web site to see just how much detail and personality she can give a beaded necklace, or cuff.

If you are interested in one of her four on the title above to go to Cindy's class page. I highly recommend her teaching methods...she must be good at this...because you can see what a novice beader can do with her knowledgeable instructions!!! I have already started two more projects using this tutorial...this is so much fun to do!! Enjoy!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fairy Dust Magical...and a Place to Express My Dreams...

Look what came in the mail yesterday!! This felted covered book created by Marian of is filled with blank pages for writing and painting and sketching my deepest dreams. ..
Marian says of this piece..."From the land of sparkling forest moss and winding woodland paths ... an eternal tree of life...

needle felted from hand dyed wool and wool curly locks. ~ 60 pages of heavyweight watercolour paper suitable for writing, drawing, painting and inks as well as drawing paper in ivory and a nut brown shade. Cover and end pages of natural, unbleached, botanical handmade paper are included. Pages are torn to size and stitched with a sturdy golden thread. Pages have been slightly edged with flame.

A little leaf bookmark is felted in place. closes with a handmade ceramic button with red headed woodpecker and a braided tie of handspun wool with sparkling leaf and berry embellishment."

This treasure measures 6" x 9" / 15cm x 23cm

It is a magical and earthy book for recording the eternal now...and dreams of the future!

Other etsy shops that have work incorporated in this one of a kind book are both... beautiful hand dyed wool from and handmade bird ceramic button from

This one belongs to a jig happy!!! The good news is, Marian has other books and treasures in her shop just as over the top magical as this piece. Click on the title above...and be transported to another world!!!!! Tell Marian I said Hi!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oscar Crow Steampunk Jewelry and Artful Curiosities

As you know, I so enjoy sharing with you the creations of other artists who use my little treasures in their work. Harry of Oscar Crow is one such artist.
His unusual Steampunk piece featuring one of my raku scarabs has been wired to a sun like gear and riveted to a vintage piece of rhinestone. A little over 2 1/8 inches wide and 2 1/4 inches high it is suspended on a goldplated chain of 20 inch length. A little gem in raku, brass and glass this piece evokes the late 19th century fascination with Egypt and the afterlife. An escapment wheel represents the sun god Ra and the sacred scarab completes the package.

Harry says in his Etsy profile "I have been an artist all my life. BA in Fine Art and Photography. Worked as a commercial jeweler and goldsmith then as a photographer. Lately I have been teaching school and making steampunk and other curious artifacts from metal stone and wood. I've studied magic and metaphysics and like to incorporate these elements into my jewelry."

Click on the title above to be transported into his world of Steampunk art and shop on Etsy. Enjoy your visit with his creations!

I'll keep my eye on you to see that you do:)