Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oscar Crow Steampunk Jewelry and Artful Curiosities

As you know, I so enjoy sharing with you the creations of other artists who use my little treasures in their work. Harry of Oscar Crow is one such artist.
His unusual Steampunk piece featuring one of my raku scarabs has been wired to a sun like gear and riveted to a vintage piece of rhinestone. A little over 2 1/8 inches wide and 2 1/4 inches high it is suspended on a goldplated chain of 20 inch length. A little gem in raku, brass and glass this piece evokes the late 19th century fascination with Egypt and the afterlife. An escapment wheel represents the sun god Ra and the sacred scarab completes the package.

Harry says in his Etsy profile "I have been an artist all my life. BA in Fine Art and Photography. Worked as a commercial jeweler and goldsmith then as a photographer. Lately I have been teaching school and making steampunk and other curious artifacts from metal stone and wood. I've studied magic and metaphysics and like to incorporate these elements into my jewelry."

Click on the title above to be transported into his world of Steampunk art and shop on Etsy. Enjoy your visit with his creations!

I'll keep my eye on you to see that you do:)


  1. your little scarab is in all it's glory in that magnificent piece! what a lovely collaboration!

  2. Love this! And your gorgeous work. Take care, Bridgette

  3. How exciting to see another artist--especially one whose work is admirable--using one of your very own creations! Everything is wonderful!