Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Spirit Doll Created...Inspired by the Cindy Chavez Class...

Though I still need to name this new creation, and I have a few finishing beads to add to the bare spots...this little doll is basically finished. Cindy's class at craftedu.com has really taken my muse for a ride:)
I raided my inventory that I had not had a chance to post on Etsy...and pulled them together in this assemblage doll. It is on a cotton loose weave base, and framed with cotton textured yarn, and various types of beads and pearls. The legs and feet dangle so there is movement in the piece. The back is finished with cotton floral fabric design. A brass loop is added to hang the piece from silk or a metal choker.
It is not for the faint of heart to wear....it measures 4 x 6 inches. I wore it high on a choker then layered it with two strands of small red beads, put on all four of my beautiful beaded bracelets from Steph at http://vladthebatsattic.blogspot.com/ , and went out to see if it was "too much" I wore it with denim...so the reds and blues would pop...and they did. I had compliments:) It was not "too much" after all. A real statement piece... and I have already started on another spirit doll. This one will be a little smaller...but just as wondrously strange:)

See my previous post for instructions to find Cindy's class...or go to craftedu.com and type in Cindy Chavez in the faculty area to find her wonderful classes!! Can't sing her praises enough!


  1. Wow! Love the material softening the Raku. Novel idea. Are you ever moving along with your art. So many pieces. Love looking!

  2. I like your spirit doll! I bet it did look nice wearing it that way.

  3. It's cool and gorgeous! More, more, more!