Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Teacher Teaches...An Art Teacher Inspires!

I have sung the praises of Cindy Chavez before on my blog. Her beaded art work is simply amazing. And to have my some of my raku work included in her art pleases me to no end:)
The photo above is from one of her on line classes and is the inspiration piece done by Cindy for her Beaded Spirit Guide Pendant class at

And these photos are of my interpretation of her Spirit Guide Pendant. Cindy's tutorial was such fun to follow. Each item needed for the class was listed...all I had to do was gather my materials and spend a relaxing evening with my favorite movie in the background following the step by step photos and instructions in the pdf that came with the class.

I am quite pleased with my first attempt at beading such a pendant. Of course, there is leeway to make the piece your I added one of my raku faces, two of my stoneware wings, antique watch face and part, a piece of my grandmothers antique lace and a fun mix of pearls,glass and wooden beads.
I still have some things to add, and to make a neck piece so she can be worn. I was so excited that I wanted to share with you at this point of pre-completion.

You can find Cindy's work on her blog at...., and much more on her website... . You are in for a treat as you are teased by each photo on her web site to see just how much detail and personality she can give a beaded necklace, or cuff.

If you are interested in one of her four on the title above to go to Cindy's class page. I highly recommend her teaching methods...she must be good at this...because you can see what a novice beader can do with her knowledgeable instructions!!! I have already started two more projects using this tutorial...this is so much fun to do!! Enjoy!

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