Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Harry's Been at it Again...Just Love What OscarCrow Does With My Little Treasures...

Harry used a Silver plated brass frame that holds one of my raku cabochons. Upon the face of the cabochon are a sterling silver tree, star and bird. Two inches in diameter and backed by an old pocket watch cover. The beautiful green and gold iridescent glaze lends an air of tranquility to this contemplative piece.It is suspended on a twent inch by 1mm silver cable with a lobster claw closure.

For this wonderful piece...Harry used one of my one inch raku beads mounted on a 1 crown coin from the Netherlands supported on a brass bezel with a 20 inch chain. The reverse side has a portrait of Queen Julianna which slightly resembles the mythical lady on the front.

IF you click on the title above you will be transported to OscarCrow to see the reverse of this beautiful piece. (I can't seem to bring in the Queen Julianna photo in to this posting.)

There are many other magical pieces awaiting your view:)


  1. the most stunning use of your beautiful work, EVER!!!!

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