Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sells were good I get to list some new raku pieces!!

Sells were brisks today...isn't art grand! So I get to list new items to replace those sold:) That is always fun! I love the way the glaze makes the expression on these two face pendants even more ethereal!
This group of three are bead caps. There is a faint image of tree branches on one, a serpant, or dragon on one, and a Screaming Man on the third. I am thinking about calling the collection "Adam's Eden".
These Celtic design hearts over a domed ceramic are also bead caps. They have an interior diameter of approx 3/4 inch.

These are a shop favorite...leaves of different shapes and sizes. I try to keep sets of five to nineteen of varying glazes in inventory. But it is time to get back to working with the clay again:)
This pendant is so pretty with its pale green and dirty copper details. I hope to add a ribbon to this to sell as a finished necklace.
I have a kinship to rabbits. As I offer in the details for this rabbit..."I raised a family of week old orphan bunnies several years ago. Middle of the night feedings, foraging for clover, I gave it my all...and was rewarded by three of the four little ones reaching maturity. I tried hard not to humanize them, only holding when necessary. And that was a hard thing to do:) The strongest of the four I named Peter the Great. After a month of careful watching...they were released into the wild near a pond and a wonderfully thick brier patch:)
I have had several copper firings lately...trying for all copper with red flashes...but this pendant took on a life of its own. I love the detail and soft colors.
I did get a complete copper firing....but this was supposed to be blue/green flashes with copper. The Kiln God does as she wishes....I have learned to love what ever comes out. Sometimes the least likely color becomes a real favorite with my shop visitors!

Some of these items are already listed...others I will get to soon. I am passionate about Raku! I love the surprises and gifts the kiln offers. And I feel so privileged to have artists who come back time and again to buy from me! Their work takes my offerings to such a higher artistic level. "Ain't Art Grand"?

Health,Happiness and Abundant Creativity to you all!!



  2. those little faces are deliciously serene - YEA!! for brisk sales!!