Friday, September 17, 2010

The Words I love to hear!!!..."Just wanted to show you what your leaves inspired :)

A beautiful Fall is in the Air creation from fellow Etsian KimCreative using four of my little raku leaves.

When I first started taking pottery several years ago, one of the hardest things to adjust to was loosing a piece I had worked so hard on to breakage, or a crack after firing, or just plain ugly glazing from my inexperience! My first teacher, Sally H, tried to get us used to loosing work and her favorite saying to help us cope with such disasters was..."Dear...It's just mud and water." Somehow that helped:)

Kim has taken my little mud and water offerings and created a true treasure!
Kim created this Autumn Statement Felted Bib using a crocheted/felted base of orange, purple, burgundy and lime green, which measures 18 x 1 inch.
She completed the look using copper wire, copper toggle clasp and vintage copper beads as well as tiny filigree brass beads.
It is wire wrapped in a vine inspired design. Kim says the finished necklace is so soft and lays perfectly on the neck.

Kim Etsy profile offers this... "You have entered a little piece of my creative world. I have a wide range of creative loves!! From crocheting and knitting to jewelry making and bath products. I love to learn new things then put my own creative twist on them! You will find a good selection of Vegan items in my shop. I am partial to them myself, although I am not vegan, I am a vegetarian and can see the need for these items. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any special request, if it is within my abilities, I will surely create!!

Hope you will take time to visit Kim's shop and browse all her beautiful work. Just click on the title above and you will be transported to her creative world! Enjoy!!


  1. That is so very Lovely!! Devine!

  2. those little leaves are made so beautifully and with such love- what a uniquely gorgeous piece! I finally made a little necklace with my winged bunny pendant - will send you photo's as soon as I take them!

  3. Wondrous! Thanks so much for featuring my design! I really could not have done it without YOU! I look forward to creating much more using your fabulous creative pieces! You Rock!

    GlassRedefined is my other etsy shop :)