Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Grave Digger Series... Or...What would be your suggestion?

I have a glaze that has gone off from its original colors....but this strikes me as a great way to go off:) These muted greens and pinks,blues and golds are amazing. I like naming my series by the glaze visual properties and this one just cries out to me...tomb robber! I had thought about the Old Hags Bag, or Tomb Robber, or Grave Digger.

I can visualize a Victorian coffin breaking open and finding these treasures, old and crusty with age. Perhaps I have been watching too many Jeremy Britt's Sherlock Holmes series, or old black and white horror movies. There is also the Poe influence that I have been dancing around with ravens and bugs for a few months:) (Just bought the most wonderful Raven Ink and Brush on paper from Belvedere Beads. )

My kiln is back on tract, and I am enjoying the mystery of what will come out of the fire next. If you get a chance to visit my shop, you will see what I mean. There is no rhyme or reason to the colors right now...but I have learned to go with the flow. Though these are not what I expected in any way, shape or form...but they are still Wondrously Strange:)

Any suggestions for naming this glaze series??? Thanks for your comments!!


  1. this dry matt is working it the atmosphere causing the changes instead of just the glaze?
    i like something a little more obscure for a title like old hags bag..mummy bundle,ravens hoard, etc.
    not grave digger so much

  2. those colors are wonderful, what a way to go off!!!

    i love tomb robber I think it suits the mood of these little treasures perfectly!

  3. I like "Grave Digger", it's a great name! Wonderful pieces!

  4. Love the collar. Beautiful color and the "in" thing, especially this time of year.

  5. maybe something about mists in a graveyard? I love the muted colors, damn I think I might have to lurking about in your shop again...