Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fine Art Photography Sale... Buy One get One Free...

Time for a sale I say!! I have 43 Images in my Etsy shop that give you an insight into my world. Mostly taken in rural North Carolina, they are as varied in subject matter as my raku is in color:) There are old cars, old barns, old cemeteries, old cats:), and just an eclectic mix of visual delights. Some are as I found them...others I have altered to make me smile.

Take a look and if you find a couple of things you like....I'll let you have the second choice of equal or lesser value for free. Just put in the comments section when you purchase, what your free photographic image choice is. I'll get these printed up and out to you in a jiffy! Actually, I have a professional printer do the printing.... But, I can usually get your images to you with in two weeks or less.

Have fun looking around, hope you find some visual delights that you can't live without:) Click on the title above and you will be whisk away to my world:) Sale ends on Labor Day!


  1. I'm not into pigs, but this picture is so wonderful! I love the angle and the colors. Also, the second one with the moon is a fantastic photo! Who wouldn't love it.