Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Grave Digger Series... Or...What would be your suggestion?

I have a glaze that has gone off from its original colors....but this strikes me as a great way to go off:) These muted greens and pinks,blues and golds are amazing. I like naming my series by the glaze visual properties and this one just cries out to me...tomb robber! I had thought about the Old Hags Bag, or Tomb Robber, or Grave Digger.

I can visualize a Victorian coffin breaking open and finding these treasures, old and crusty with age. Perhaps I have been watching too many Jeremy Britt's Sherlock Holmes series, or old black and white horror movies. There is also the Poe influence that I have been dancing around with ravens and bugs for a few months:) (Just bought the most wonderful Raven Ink and Brush on paper from Belvedere Beads. )

My kiln is back on tract, and I am enjoying the mystery of what will come out of the fire next. If you get a chance to visit my shop, you will see what I mean. There is no rhyme or reason to the colors right now...but I have learned to go with the flow. Though these are not what I expected in any way, shape or form...but they are still Wondrously Strange:)

Any suggestions for naming this glaze series??? Thanks for your comments!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fine Art Photography Sale... Buy One get One Free...

Time for a sale I say!! I have 43 Images in my Etsy shop that give you an insight into my world. Mostly taken in rural North Carolina, they are as varied in subject matter as my raku is in color:) There are old cars, old barns, old cemeteries, old cats:), and just an eclectic mix of visual delights. Some are as I found them...others I have altered to make me smile.

Take a look and if you find a couple of things you like....I'll let you have the second choice of equal or lesser value for free. Just put in the comments section when you purchase, what your free photographic image choice is. I'll get these printed up and out to you in a jiffy! Actually, I have a professional printer do the printing.... But, I can usually get your images to you with in two weeks or less.

Have fun looking around, hope you find some visual delights that you can't live without:) Click on the title above and you will be whisk away to my world:) Sale ends on Labor Day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

By Royal Decree....You Must See... Mydreamgarden's New Listing

Another smashing design by Therese at She is using one of my Raku pendants that I called " By Royal Decree a Disk for Thee" as the focal piece here...stunning blending of colors from raku disk to each and every trill of beads. Perfection!!!!

She says of her work... " unique, original design, hand-knitted womens and girls scarves and jewelry. Each piece is designed and created exclusively by me, with lots of love and care, in a smoke-free workshop.

I strive to keep my art fresh--edgy, classic, funky--whatever strikes my fancy. And I love what I'm doing so much that I feel a little empty when my hands aren't busy doing something creative.

In MY DREAM GARDEN, you'll find fabulous fibers, superlative seashells, popular pearls, ravishing ribbons, sensational stones, breathtaking buttons, terrific trinkets, venerable vintage and a taste of everything wonderful! Indulge yourself or someone else. "

I must indulge yourself! Please take a look at the wonderful colors and textures Therese blends together to make just the most perfect piece:) Click on the title above to go to her shop. Grab a spot of tea, relax and enjoy:)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flutter on By and Visit Indiandollartworks ...for a real treat and for a chance to Win a You Print Digital Image of your choice from my shop.

I am enthralled when I visit Carla's blog and Etsy shop. I love her assemblage work! I have been following her blog for some time now, and I am never disappointed to see what new work is surfacing there. So very creative and clever with the most unusual items.

I am fortunate that she has included some of my little raku treasures in her work! One of my Raku faces adornes unusual piece , above,with a screwdriver of all things as the body!

Now, here is where the fun comes in:) See if you can find one of my raku oddities in the piece above. Everyone who guesses correctly can pick a free "you print digital image" from my shop. There are fifteen images to choose from.

You can also win one of the free images by going to Carla's Etsy ( ) shop and telling me what your favorite creation is.

So that is a chance to win two images that you can create with as you please.

Please comment and leave me a way to contact you and I'll send out your digital images as quickly as possible.

Enjoy your visit with Carla! Hope to hear from you:)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Extended Artist Family.... I'm grateful there are so many of you!

Most artists that I meet are amazingly warm people. I say kindred spirits...but we are family in a way. No matter how extended the family...we share a common bond that ties us as surely as the family bond ties. I meet another potter, or photograper, or painter and it seems my first impulse is to warmly embrace, or slowly shake their hand with both of mine. I know that they will understand and forgive my little idiosyncrasies, because we are more tolerant of each other. Tolerance gives us a chance to learn from others, a chance to watch and understand what we are not familiar with...which in turn makes us better human beings. And the more enlightened we are, the more our muse with work through us to create new, original, provocative work.

I have been so honored to have my little wondrously strange treasures show up in other artists work. To have my endeavors elevated to visions I could not have be a part of another's creations give me so much satisfaction:)

I try in this little corner of the world to recognize those who support my work, and create with my little treasures. I can never do justice to their creative spirits...only share with you photographs of their work. But never forget how thrilled I am each and every time one of you shares you work with me, comments on my work, or shares part of your creative life with me.

The above slide show is an example of my extended family sister! Not only is Cindy Chavez is an amazing bead artist, she is a warm and sharing person. And if we did not live on opposite coasts...there would have been a big hug when we met:) As you can see, she has taken my little treasures and included them in her work as the photos above show. Are they not artistically brilliant?

If you visit Cindy's web page, you will see more of her work.

And lucky you....Cindy is part of the faculty for on line workshops through the CraftEDU web site... She will guide you through making some of these lovely items. She has four Free Form Bead classes that you can take right now...with more planned in the future. Click on the title above to go directly to her classes.

Warm, bubbly, sharing, interesting and amazingly talented...a visit with Cindy is a treat you need to give yourself!! She will brighten your day!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lost my Girl Friday' s....So Very Lost Without You!!

Noun 1... girl Friday
- a female assistant who has a range of duties (or in my case my computer, Ivy and my kiln, Natasha:)
assistant, helper, help, supporter - a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose; "my invaluable assistant"; "they hired additional help to finish the work"

Have been with out my kiln and my computer off and on for weeks now. I forget sometimes how technology pops in and changes how everything is done! I count on my computer for communications, business, down time, and a catchall creative tool.

And my kiln being out of commission has turned my creative world Topsy Turvy in ways I could not have imagined. I had an assembly line worked out where I fashioned the clay, let it dry, finish sanding, bisque fired, glazed and fired, photographed, listed and inventoried each piece. If I had a special request come in, it was so easy to fit it into the schedule and could have the request finished in less than a weeks time unless it was an unusually thick piece.

I am such a creature of habit! With my routine broken, my muse just left me! I used the time doing mindless assembly line stuff to mentally work on new ideas. So, as you can see from my new little treasures for a while now.

But if you take time to check in, there are some new items showing their faces. My kiln is repaired, and seems to be working fine, so far. I have moved my kiln off my front porch, and now have to walk a further distance to check on its progress each firing. But I may like this better in the long least more exercise!!

Now, to get to some serious blog postings that I am so behind on. Some very special artists have sent me prizes, and I have some new artists using my little treasures. I promise to share all this with you over the next few days!

I will soon have my 700th sale...whoopee!..and I am in serious need of offering a give away. So look for that as well. I hope to gather a nice little stash for your viewing and winning pleasure!!

Ta 'ta for now... D