Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Extended Artist Family.... I'm grateful there are so many of you!

Most artists that I meet are amazingly warm people. I say kindred spirits...but we are family in a way. No matter how extended the family...we share a common bond that ties us as surely as the family bond ties. I meet another potter, or photograper, or painter and it seems my first impulse is to warmly embrace, or slowly shake their hand with both of mine. I know that they will understand and forgive my little idiosyncrasies, because we are more tolerant of each other. Tolerance gives us a chance to learn from others, a chance to watch and understand what we are not familiar with...which in turn makes us better human beings. And the more enlightened we are, the more our muse with work through us to create new, original, provocative work.

I have been so honored to have my little wondrously strange treasures show up in other artists work. To have my endeavors elevated to visions I could not have be a part of another's creations give me so much satisfaction:)

I try in this little corner of the world to recognize those who support my work, and create with my little treasures. I can never do justice to their creative spirits...only share with you photographs of their work. But never forget how thrilled I am each and every time one of you shares you work with me, comments on my work, or shares part of your creative life with me.

The above slide show is an example of my extended family sister! Not only is Cindy Chavez is an amazing bead artist, she is a warm and sharing person. And if we did not live on opposite coasts...there would have been a big hug when we met:) As you can see, she has taken my little treasures and included them in her work as the photos above show. Are they not artistically brilliant?

If you visit Cindy's web page, you will see more of her work.

And lucky you....Cindy is part of the faculty for on line workshops through the CraftEDU web site... She will guide you through making some of these lovely items. She has four Free Form Bead classes that you can take right now...with more planned in the future. Click on the title above to go directly to her classes.

Warm, bubbly, sharing, interesting and amazingly talented...a visit with Cindy is a treat you need to give yourself!! She will brighten your day!!


  1. Amazing bead work indeed! Glad to see you're back! :)))

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