Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Seven Things That I Love...Tag, I'm It!

I have been tagged, and nudged into updating my blog by my friend Elsie of So here turning back I suppose? These items are not in order of importance by no means...but all are important to me.

1. I love possibilities, the future, the opportunity to hope.

2. I love the smell of the earth just moments after a summer rain begins...the shallow clear rain puddles that stand in grassy areas, and the fine white sand that surfaces on occation on our Carolina backroads...

3. I love my family...the beautiful, hopeful, ingenious, flawed people that we are. My flaws exaggerating everyone else's.

4. I love the pewter starfish necklace that the love of my life gave me in the third grade. It represents to me all that is pure in love...all fifty years that I have loved with him.

5. I love to hear my husband tell about the first time he saw me...or rather my waste length natural curly hair.

6. I love to see my sons eyes dance, a broad smile on his face, joy in his voice.

7. I love the interaction with others like myself...people who create...who don't feel complete if they are not creating. They are my family too...not blood..but my spiritual family. No matter the medium we work is the creation of something new from within...a piece of our souls that we give the world. Be it good, or be it bad...we take a chance letting others see a part of who we are in our offerings. We offer up our ego to have it dashed or uplifted...this we have in common, perhaps something stronger than blood?

That was not as hard as I thought...did I put too much out there??? Thank you my friend, Elsie, for prompting me...I have a smile in my heart...


  1. Seriously, I'm actually a little teary- your "7 things" are wonderfully thoughtful and gorgeously written.

    I love that you came out to play...

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