Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Forever behind in things I need to do!

I wish I could get a routine down to do all the little things that make a blog work. I compose in my head during the day as to what I would like to say, then the time to add to this blog seems to elude me. I have a few moments...let's see what happens?

On the Hundred Acre Wood project..that I talked about being so nice to survey...so far. Well, lets just say as nice as that was, it has been time to do the dirty work. Ticks, heat, up and down hills,and carrying tools and supplies that make each step you take up the hill on the decaying leaves cause you to slide backward three steps. Very frustrating on 57 year old legs. And going down the hills you slip and slide hoping you will not get tangled up in barbed wire fence. I am not above scooting on my behind down a hill side...but it is easy to get hurt doing that. Hands are not free to hold on as they are full with eight pound hammer, prism and rod, bush ax and pack with lunch and water for the day. Every twenty steps there is a hidden hole in the leaves from a decayed stump that my feet inevitably find. Don't know how I have never had a broken bone! Warm weather is so hard for me to acclimate to..and eighty degree temps after working in thirty degree weather is simply a "bitch". As rodman and frontman I have the pleasure of retracing my steps at least twice every shot we take. Back shot then front shot, move the transit up, back shot front shot. I always need to be somewhere else to make the methodology work. The plus side to this side of the job is that I don't have to carry the forty pounds of transit and legs every where I go. I did that for ten years. The responsibility of not falling and damaging, or knocking a ten thousand dollar piece of equipment against a tree is more than I care to do! I leave that to my husband now. I will be glad when the economy improves and we can rehire some younger help!
Did I mention watching for snakes, yellow jackets, deer ticks and spiders who love to put their webs just at my heads height?

All that said, and still I would not give up being in the deep woods, seeing the occasional babbling brook and Carolina waterfall. The wildlife is amazing. The fall is beautiful, the winter splendid, the spring spectacular and the summer just plain HOT! There is nothing quite like the first snow while you are in the woods away from the cars and noise. You can hear the snowflakes hit the fallen leaves. Catch the flakes in your mouth like you did when a child...and no one can see you twirl and swirl and laugh with glee in the deep woods in the falling snow!

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  1. yellow jackets, deer ticks and spiders...

    oh my!!

    you are a hardy soul my friend!! I am so "cityfied" I'm flop sweating just thinking about your work!!