Thursday, September 18, 2008

We breathe an ill wind,nevertheless our kindin mushroom multitudesjostles for elbow-roommoonwards . ATTRIBUTION:Denise Levertov (b. 1923)

Stirred a fawn from its resting place today. White spots and flagging tail were up and out of site before I could get my camera turned on. A major downfall of my little KodakZ710.

While we worked on three different surveys today I took time to photograph the fungi that is abundant this season. The rains and damp grounds I suppose are the cause. I have not seen such variety ever before. I spotted a black capped fellow that I had to retrieve to take further photos of its textures and color. And have spotted Fairies' rings everywhere lately. Always light in color and large caps.

A breeze will blow, or a shadow pass over me at the edge of the woods and I wonder why I spend so much time in the confines of my home. Nature is full of change and emotions run high when I am in natural settings. Fawn, snake, bee, spider...there is always something to see and hear...even the stillness has a sound.

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  1. How amazing. To have nature that close to you every day. No wonder your work is so full of wonder.