Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Day in the Hundred Acre Wood

Today was deliciously cool for a September jaunt. Gathered more photo samples of mushrooms from several spots in Rockingham and Caswell Counties. Saw another of the black textured one in the woods near a stream. Will spend the early nightfall of a Wintry evening looking at photos and try to identify some of these finds.

The most amazing event today was the flushing of a covey of quail..very near the same spot where the fawn was seen yesterday. We have not encountered quail in the wild in many years. Twenty years ago they were abundant...not uncommon at all to flush a covey several times a week. I miss their lovely evening call of... bobwhite...bobwhite ...that seemed a lullaby to me as a child as I drifted off to sleep. One of many simple pleasures that nature affords.

A surveyor finds property lines that may not have been walked in many decades...and always there are treasures of nature along the way. Mossy beds, exotic or simple flora, the occasional snake, and always luring webs of spiders. Give me a snake any day to avoid! It is those pesky spider webs that catch me off guard...and the ever diligent yellow jacket guarding its' nest can not be forgotten!

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