Sunday, September 21, 2008

Communing With Nature...A different kind of Worship

Spent the morning in the Hundred Acre Wood running through several traverse points to get a tight closure for starting the large boundary. Did Good!!! Got a 1 in 74,000 closure. Not too shabby!

Got work done and able to take more photos of different kinds of mushrooms. This is such a lovely place. I know the work will get harder as we leave the friendly roadway and take off into the heart of the property. But the autumn leaves and new cool in the mornings will make it a pleasure in so many ways.

Checked in on my spider and he was still housekeeping by the road side. He was shyer today and would retreat into his den if I came near. Still managed a shot of him near the mouth of his that telephoto lens sometimes! Not as much texture and definition but still subject clear.

I am trying to figure out how to set up a slide show in gadgets so I can show you the collection of mushrooms and fungi that I am photographing. If anyone knows the name of one, please don't hesitate to name it for me!

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