Friday, July 29, 2011

New Designs Are Always Such Fun!

Geometry Squared...Two Raku Deep Well Bezel/pendants

Wonderful geometric wells in raku. This was an experiment to see how if I could do a double side glaze and have a well for treasures and resin. My thinking is that the back can be filled with shallow objects then resin filled. Open back. Fired in loops for attaching to your project. 
I hope to do several shapes in this design. I have not tried the resin yet...but think this will work great! I think I am going to embed on of my mini Charlottes with a bouquet in one and see what happens:)

Tell Me Your Secrets....It's What's Underneath That Counts...Double Sided Glazed Raku Pendants

These are a re design on my raku leaves. I am making them thicker and adding a detail on the reverse. I like surprises...and these will be striking from both sides:)


With A Flourish...Stoneware Round Two Hole Buttons

These look like bone...see the skull  that they are laying on? Blends well together. These are stoneware, but I have used high density pigment paints to create the bone look. I am hoping to do many of my designs in this color combination.

From Here to Eternity... Raku Lentil Bead

These Raku Lintel Beads are quite lovely. Hollow inside, with a hole through top to bottom for stringing. This was a great firing, frosty gold,copper,blue,violet,green flashing. These are not perfectly round...they are hand formed and close to round.

The lintel bead measures approx 1 1/2 inches in diameter and is glazed and embossed on both sides. Each bead is unique as each is embossed with my mold of an original design, cut, partially dried to dome shape, then two disks are then sanded to form a flat surface and attached to form the hollow bead. This is all done before the leather hard stage. A hole is then pushed through top to bottom, and further drying until ready for bisque firing. Beads are primitive in design.

I designed a special firing platform so these could be fired upright and glazed on both sides. The bead is not glued together after is one piece from the first firing.

As you can see...I have been having grand fun with new designs and altering my old designs. I love my new glaze...the pastel colors are to die for. I have an other one that I am referring to as Ancient Digs because it looks like dug up treasure. Both glazes are rich and play with the light. 

As always...the title above will take you to my shop...if you want to spend some time looking around:)


  1. Quite hard to pick a favorite...They're all gorgeous... but I quite like the new design... so many possibilities...

  2. I always love your things, D. Everything is beautiful here as usual. I love the "bone" white buttons. Very nice!

  3. Omgosh!! I Love them all!! You inspire me always!!! I'm so excited about your new creations!! Hugs Always.. Cindy

  4. Wonderful beads!! and jewellery!!
    I'm glad to find your blog today and I will follow.
    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany