Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beads and Pendants Bundled Together...It's a Good Thing.

I'll be adding these little bundles of raku beads and pendants over the next few days.
I have a large inventory of raku pieces that I would like to share...most at a lower price
for the Bundle grouping than if bought individually.
Some of the pendants are one of a kind designs, and others like the spiral above
I do on a regular basis.
This button/pendant has a hunter and his dog as relief on the clay piece, and the beads are all different sizes and shapes.

This bundle set is already in the shop. I call it Izzy's Tree of Life, inspired by the movie "The Fountain"

I have many more bundles that I am putting stop by and and take a look if you find time over the holiday season:)

Have a Wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving ...each and everyone of you!!! Many Blessings are wished for you!

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