Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's All the HOPAH About...Just Look and See...

Received a note and photo today from fellow Etsian...Evan, at theHOPAH.etsy,com. Evan bought my On a Recent Dig in Egypt beads a while back and shared his creation that incorporates my Egyptian Inspired beads. His profile is so cute...I had to share it with you !!

Evan says...
"Welcome to the HOPAH. What does it mean? It's an old American Indian word that translates to "The Great Spirit will smile on those who spend money here."
Not really.

Actually, it's the name of my studio, and was inspired by a quote from A. A. Milne's THE HOUSE AT POOH CORNER. Winnie the Pooh was having some difficulty making up a song for his friend Piglet. "But it isn't easy, because Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. And all you can do is to go where they can find you."

Pretty insightful for a Bear of Very Little Brain.

So, the HOPAH, the House Of Poetry And Hums, is where I can go so that Creativity can find me.

The HOPAH is nestled among redwood trees in the mountains, just off the coast of Big Sur California."

Better hurry if you want to snatch this one up...isn't it just amazing? It's description...

"This necklace contains beads well over 100 years old, some dating back to the mid 1800's. One has to wonder where they've been and what shores they have traveled to.

The old Padre and European glass beads are mingled with antique French tile, Czech and Venetian glass, beautiful Raku beads (made by another Etsy member...Wondrousstrange), glass pearls, and gold filled orbs. All strung on a fresh green nylon thread and finished with a gold filled lobster clasp. All findings are also gold filled.

This very special piece measures 41" long.

Definitely one of a kind."

WOW! This is really special:) Click on the title above to go directly to Evan's shop. Have fun shopping!


  1. stunning
    STUNNING necklace!!!
    I also would like that mannequins

  2. Love the necklace!

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