Thursday, April 29, 2010

What do you do with time on your hands?

This image is from my Etsy shop. I came into a wonderful grouping of watch faces and this one had so much character that I wanted to store a digital file of it before using it in a project. It did not occur to me at the time that the digital file would inspire. But it has become one of my best selling you print digital files. I still have not finished my project using the original watch face...but that does not matter to me at all...cause....

See what Mary Anne at has created with the digital file. Aren't these just magical?

The colors and textures are great...but they conjure stories of maidens and poets and unrequited love... to me anyway:)

Click on the title above to go straight to Mary Anne's shop... Middle Earths. Put on your dreaming hat...and enjoy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Update on Raku Firing...

I never know what to expect when I open a reduction firing. I know what colors I would like to see....but have learned not to plan on two firings to come out the same color wise.

I had hoped for bright colors...but I am beginning to like these rusty patina pieces. I think this group did not have a strong enough reduction...but could be my kiln getting old:)

I think it may be time to fire a range of test cones may be that my thermocouple has run it course. I dread the action of replacing a thermocouple...have changed one in my large kiln...not so much hard as mentally fatiguing for me.

Even with out the bright colors...these pieces have a unique look that works. I have add a few of them to my shop. And I think a couple will make it into some of my finished work. It is fun to make supplies and see where other artists go with my creations...but also fun to see where my muse takes me as well:)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Dandelion Blows....Not only in the Spring!!

A dear friend is setting up her pottery studio for full time creating...and I get to help!! Yeah!! Gina,'t that just the grandest name???), will be enthralling you with her unique clay visions.

Gina does a sea scape casserole that is perfect as a display piece and doubles as just the smartest dish to cook and serve yummy homemade mac and cheese, or any casserole recipe of your choice. These pieces get snapped up quick at local art fairs, or when she lists them on Etsy.
( Must add that Gina was first selling her pottery under the Etsy name of Carolina Clay Daze for awhile. can go there to see the beautiful casseroles she has sold in the past year.)

Her new creative idea incorporates Beatle's lyrics on the bottoms of small shallow serving pieces. Glazed on top with blues or greens, the bottoms are left naked...and delight with a special lyric. I'll bet she would even take a special request...if you tell her I sent you:)

Hope you will drop by and watch as her shop begins to fill up...with work from her very on studio. I promise... you will not be disappointed!! Click on title above to go directly to her Etsy shop.

I hate to cook...surprised? But holding one of these pieces...I day dream about what would look good served in one of these sea inspired pieces. From scratch Mac and Cheese usually wins out. But my son's favorite is a Broccoli and Cheese thingy I do when he comes home for a visit. And even he notices the serving dish!!

Congratulations my friend on your new studio...and being able to focus full time on your art!!!

In the Buff...always exciting when a bisque load is ready to glaze...

I get to clean and glaze and play in the fire this afternoon...and see what the kiln god will do with these new offerings. There are new design buttons, Frozen Charlotte Angel pendants, gourd beads, wings and a primitive Mother Goddess figure I am trying to put my quirky twist upon.

As you can see...imperfections abound...but the lovely glaze takes all that away. If all goes well....I'll post a few photos tonight. Wish me luck:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's All the HOPAH About...Just Look and See...

Received a note and photo today from fellow Etsian...Evan, at theHOPAH.etsy,com. Evan bought my On a Recent Dig in Egypt beads a while back and shared his creation that incorporates my Egyptian Inspired beads. His profile is so cute...I had to share it with you !!

Evan says...
"Welcome to the HOPAH. What does it mean? It's an old American Indian word that translates to "The Great Spirit will smile on those who spend money here."
Not really.

Actually, it's the name of my studio, and was inspired by a quote from A. A. Milne's THE HOUSE AT POOH CORNER. Winnie the Pooh was having some difficulty making up a song for his friend Piglet. "But it isn't easy, because Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. And all you can do is to go where they can find you."

Pretty insightful for a Bear of Very Little Brain.

So, the HOPAH, the House Of Poetry And Hums, is where I can go so that Creativity can find me.

The HOPAH is nestled among redwood trees in the mountains, just off the coast of Big Sur California."

Better hurry if you want to snatch this one up...isn't it just amazing? It's description...

"This necklace contains beads well over 100 years old, some dating back to the mid 1800's. One has to wonder where they've been and what shores they have traveled to.

The old Padre and European glass beads are mingled with antique French tile, Czech and Venetian glass, beautiful Raku beads (made by another Etsy member...Wondrousstrange), glass pearls, and gold filled orbs. All strung on a fresh green nylon thread and finished with a gold filled lobster clasp. All findings are also gold filled.

This very special piece measures 41" long.

Definitely one of a kind."

WOW! This is really special:) Click on the title above to go directly to Evan's shop. Have fun shopping!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Want To Wear a Touch of Wood Nymph Around Your Neck?

Stephanie of sent these great photos of one of her recent projects using one of my raku geranium leaves as a focal point. Now, try to tell me this does not scream Spring Is Here...lets go frolic in the Woods:)...though today in my home town the temps have fallen back into the 50's in the daytime.

I was puzzling how she got the holes in such a slender edge with out breaking the leaf...look how clever she worked out adding all the colorful dangles. I think it is such an exciting creation!

She describes her creation...
"This beautiful wood nymph necklace high-lights a lovely Raku leaf made by a fellow etsian at " wondrous strange!"

The tassel from the top of the loop measures 4" and is hung on an olive green ribbon with an extender chain that measures 18". I used a variety of gemstone beads, glass, porcelain, lucite and seed beads. Each bead is woven within the design on 10 nylon cords keeping them all secure, and flowing.

Makes a lovely sound when you move about, fun to fiddle with as well! Very striking on contrasting colors!"

Click on the title above and go right to her shop for a look around...many treasures to be had in this great shop!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

For a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling...Happy Easter!

Ahh....It's Spring. It's Easter. The sunshine feels warm, the breezes are cool and the air carries around a natural perfume...isn't life grand?

The Ravens Are Here...My...but they are Lovely!!

I mentioned earlier that the Ravens were on their way to live with they arrived, with more treasures as well. are too generous to me:)

Not only did Lucinda send me the most charming Lamp work Raven beads in a velvet case...she also sent me a pair of her special design earrings that feature my little wings. She had ask which I liked from the three pair she made (see an earlier post of mine)....I never imagined in my wildest dreams that my little wings would find their way back to me...fashioned to wear and paired with her beautiful lamp work beads .

Now tell me...just how lucky am I??

Please visit Lucindas blog to find out what she is creatively up to...and jump to her two great Etsy shops. At last viewing...she had two more Ravens up for sale in Belvedere Beads:) Better hurry though... I'm not sure I can resist another pair:)
Click on my title above to go directly to her Etsy shop to view the Ravens!

Have a great Easter Weekend everyone!!