Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Ravens Will Come to Live With Me..Lucinda from Belvedere Beads Has Agreed!!

I love ravens/crows! I have no reason for this...but can't get enough of these mysterious birds. Perhaps it's the gentle rapping, the tapping, tapping at my souls door that has them so embedded in my psyche. Who can not remember being introduced to Edgar Allen Poe...The Tell-Tale Heart, The Gold Bug, The Raven.

Lucinda Storms of and her informative blog... has captured the personality of these clever creatures. I could not resist owning a pair of these treasures. And if her lamp work is not enough to obsess over..she also paints! Check out her back blog postings to see her present project in the works...also the subject is "birds".

My father taught my nephew to recite The Raven, early in his elementary school years...see also my blog posting on his graduation gift... The gift, a ceramic collage... a tribute to all Christopher's hard work, my father's love for his grandson, and my love of Poe.

Thank you Lucinda for your inspirational work...and for bringing sweet memories to the surface again:) Clink on my title for a link to Lucinda's blog.


  1. forever more my friend, forever more...

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