Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Custom Orders Can Be Fun...Like my New Charlotte's?

I can't leave a good thing alone...had to take these wonderful antique Frozen Charlotte's and put my Wondrousstrange stamp on them. I love adapting items to fit what I need...or in this case, what an other artists needed.

I made a plaster mold of my three little Charlotte's that I had bought and started playing around with changing them into a unique jewelry focal piece. At first I only did flat back dolls, then my little mind worked out a firing platform to fire them standing up so I could glaze on both sides. I added fired in loops to top and bottom and now have a great piece that can be strung, in stead of just wire wrapped or glued.

With some trial and error, I also found that I could make a hole running from head to toe while there were still in their wet stage and make that work.

With different glazes...my Charlottes have really become...my Charlotte's:) They are small enough to fit in a watch case...most of them anyway...which I think is dandy:) Tell me what you think...any other suggestions for finding a way to incorporate these into jewelry or assemblage pieces?

Some look like Golden Gods guarding Tut's remains, others look rusty and old, though very new. I am having a a great deal of fun altering these cute little dolls.


  1. your charlottes are sublime! I'm especially taken with the blue ones!!

  2. Very cool, love the different textures. Have a great week.