Thursday, October 13, 2011

First Ever B'Sue Sari Ribbon Party Blog Hop....You're Invited!

It is a privilege to participate  in this First B'Sue Boutiques' Sari Ribbon Blog Hop! I look forward to seeing all the creative design of so many talented artists! Thanks to Harry of OscarCrow for alerting me to the hop:)


This is an older piece I did last year. Using a mixture of  my little raku treasures, silk sari ribbon from LaShell of, Tracy Bell's generous lampwork and copper findings, brass key and other findings  this creation found it's way into existence:)The blue silk sari ribbon really pulls the piece together...I don't think it would be the same with out the ribbon. I wove the ribbon through the raku snake, around the neck to the front closure. Feels ever so nice against the neck.

This is a recent piece using a gorgeous black silk sari ribbon and a simple pendant I made using one of my raku bezels filled with a golden shell, Susan Lenart Kazmer's Ice Resin, and another of my raku treasures..a winged bat. A fun piece to create and one of my first attempts at ice resin. Once again...the black silk sari ribbon complements the pendant perfectly!

So here is a list of the other  participants...have fun picking a favorite....if you can:) I can hardly wait for the inspiration all this creativity brings:) 

Be sure and say Hi to Harry for me:) Enjoy!


The Sari ribbon blog hop list

 Vickie Wills

Susan Kennedy

Michelle Mach

Michelle Lee Hardy

Ruth Crawford

Hilary Frye, FryeStyle

Diana P.

Brenda Sue Lansdowne, B'sue Boutiques

Elizabeth Owens-Dwy

Connie Rios-Relyea

Jennifer Justman

Deb Davis


Cathie Carroll

Rosemary Cowit

Georgene Lockwood

Cathy Buckley

Harry Wood

Sonya Stille

Mary Deis

Heather Goldsmith

Susan Rouleau

Terry Matusyk

Pam Chesbro

Mary Shannon Hicks

Janice Everett


Kristina Johansson, Maneki

Kris Binsfeld



Catherine Jeltes


Sharon Palac

Deb Beechy

Jean Yates

Patrice Pfeiffer

Dorcas Midkiff

Lynn Perry Bennett

Linzi Alford


Cynthia Wainscott
Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp
Alice Craddick
B'sue Boutiques Creative Group


  1. Wow, your necklaces are fabulous, I especially like the snake!
    Deb x

  2. Love these piees! The blue sari and the metals are an absolutely beautiful combination! Great work:-)))))

  3. Fabulous statement necklace!
    With lots of work in it...

  4. When I first saw this awesome necklace, it took my breath away! All I can say is "WOW!.

  5. Gorgeous! Organic looking and full of interesting components. Love the focal piece.

  6. THANK YOU Doris for your participation....this piece is AMAZING and I truly hope you will join us at the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group one day soon, if you haven't yet. I know Harry has talked about your raku many times, we'd love to see more. The group is open for users of B'sue Boutiques products as well as polymer clay artists, ceramic artists (that would be you!)those who use paper flowers, Gilder's Paste, Ice Resin ( we carry ICE and it is my fave resin product since I took the class from Susan at Art and Soul). Come over and upload this photo when you have time, that way more people than ever can see the sari ribbon pictures!

  7. Sheesh, can you tell I am posting a lot this morning! I posted the group URL twice...well consider it a double invite!

  8. Really spectacular work here Dorcas. The snake is cool and the bat on ice is nice. Spectacular use of the ribbon.

  9. Beautiful designs - love the Raku pieces as well as the blue Sari Ribbon ~J-Lynn

  10. Cool necklace! I really like the wire tendrils and organic feel. And I love that bat pendants (next to cats and dragons, bats are my favourite animal).

  11. Very nice, love the colors together!

  12. That is an amazing piece!! Love everything eclectic hanging from it. How fun!

  13. Great pieces! Love your raku! I also do raku and included some in my sari silk necklace!

  14. First word out of my mouth was WOW!! great job! And I love the music here! :))

  15. Amazing designs! The first necklace spoke to me as soon as I saw it. The color of the ribbon mixed with the raku pieces fabulous!

  16. Beautiful pieces, I LOVE the first necklace. Your raku pieces are amazing.

  17. Snake and sari ribbon, what a concept! I love the first one best, and the raku is exceptional.

  18. that first piece is so mysterious with the coloring choice of sari/ribbon and raku pieces. It would make a statement for sure on anyone., beautiful

  19. These are super art pieces which I love to hear are also comfortable--that makes it even more wonderful! Great job!

  20. Wow...what great pieces. I love that snake...and the bat focal is great. I love the look of the raku.

  21. the use of the blue sari ribbon in the first picture. ;o)

  22. I wanted to apologies if you have passed through my website to leave me a comment in this splendid Blog-Hop!
    Due to an incompatible plug-in, all attempts to leave comments were blocked with an error.
    I’m sorry if this caused you any inconvenience. I would appreciate it, if you stopped by to leave me your comment, as this time, things work as they are supposed to...

  23. Beautiful, wondrous necklace. Great design.

  24. You have a great eye for matching the ribbons to your pendants. Beautiful work!

  25. WOW! A true statement piece -- love it. You should wear this often because it's amazing.

  26. Sculpturally interesting! You put a lot of effort into the design of this piece. It's fabulous!

  27. Charming designs! I especially love the elegant simplicity of the bat necklace. Perfect!

  28. These necklaces are amazing. Love especially the first one! That snake is awesome!!!

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