Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party Time is Soon! And This Is What My Partner Sent...

The clasp is from an old rinestone necklace closure...wonderful!! There is a porcelain rose pin:) And a lovely china pendant/connector.

Glass beads, rosary parts, crucifix...and the list goes on and on!
I have already been inspired!! As you know...I don't do alot of putting together:) I enjoy seeing what others do with my little treasures. But the Bead Soup Blog Party forces me to put on the assemblage hat and when that happens the ideas flow:) These two cuffs are directly inspired from looking at what Jill sent!! They are far from being finished...but the beginnings have pleased me:)
Now all I have to do is to put my wondrous strange twist to Jill's collection..and do it justice. It is quite pretty just displayed on its own!!


  1. interesting soup mix..i'm really drawn to that enameled rose..can't wait to see what fabulous thing you make with this.

  2. Oooh cool challenge! Love what you are making with the ingredients that were sent to you, adding your own spices... :)