Friday, July 15, 2011

Proof of Atlantis Found...What a Treasure...

Tammara Scott of has been buying little treasures from me add to a project...a  visualization of Atlantis... And she just shared her photos of the completed project. Isn't it lovely beyond description:) So rich and full of treasures to find. Can you find any of my pieces? The colors are soft but vivid and the texture...I wish I could see this one in person:) Photographs can never do such a work justice!

One of Tammy's works recently received the Silver award in the recent Fire Mountain Gems Beading Contest. "Magical Fairy Forest" it's listed here on etsy feel free to take a peek..

Hope you will take time to stop by her shop. So many treasures to see! Click on the title to go to her shop. And you can find her web page here... ENJOY!


  1. Just added your etsy shop to my favorites. Great stuff.

  2. Amazing! Came by to see your WBCreate! Stunning work!