Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Amazing Swedish Artist ..Olga... Shares Her Recent Creation...Eternity Spirals

What can I say about the intricacies of this statement piece...beautiful and unique, textural, calming yet vibrant:)
There is a lot to describe...Several of my raku treasures are used...and Olga describes the process best, so I have included the link to her website that explains this process and the inspiration for this amazing work of art. Click on the title to go to her website...and follow this link to see more intircate and beautiful work in her  Etsy shop...

You WILL enjoy your visit:)


  1. ohhh that is some kinda work a really beautiful Necklace wow!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this - it is breathtaking! Your beautiful raku pieces are so gorgeously showcased!

  3. Beautiful, breathtaking and very unique!!!!

  4. I'm checking out Olga's shop for sure! How gorgeous, as are your Raku pieces all alone, D. How complimentary to both of you for your perfect exchange of talent!

  5. yes delicate intricacies and a mix of many materials and mediums make it very unique and interesting.It is a very novel creation too.

  6. Wow!...amazing necklace.

    I just joined this Blog today, and I love the way that the various Artists on this Blog have incorporated the beautiful "Wondrous Strange" Raku pieces, within their own Art.

    Lovely Blog!


  7. Thank you, dear Dorka!
    It was pleasure to work with your beads!

    I'll be surely back to your shop for some more :)