Sunday, March 27, 2011

So Well Worth the Wait to See....PalimPalim Makes My Day...

Janna  from who lives in Bremen, Germany sent me a link to her blog posting and these lovely photos of her creation using one of my Egyptian raku treasures:)  Beautiful copper wire wrap work, glass beads, silk ribbon and a most unusual sea urchin spine make this one of a kind necklace a real work of be worn expecting compliments through out the day:)

Click on the title above to go to her blog...and see older posts of her work. Enjoy!! I certainly did:)
And her shop selling this little beauty with others is here.....


  1. Beautiful raku bead!!! It is shown so well with the other choices in the necklace...
    Lovely! :-)


  2. Thank you so much, Dorcas! I gladly appreciate your blog posting - and even more your wonderful work.
    It's quite hard to sell lovingly handmade, unique jewelry on DaWanda (handmade but a bit less unique and more simple sells better, there), so I have decided to keep the necklace if it's still there after three months. I just love that little fellow you have created and almost hope it won't be gone, then ;)