Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Just Mad About Harry...Harry's Just Mad About Five and Dime Style...

Harry of Oscarcrow.etsy.com...just keeps me smiling:) I love his creations, his originality...and so enjoy seeing what he creates with my little ceramic treasures. The creation above... "is an elegant fantasy with a frozen charlotte that has been metal leafed and set on an art noveau frame. Golden wings and a glass pearl necklace with skeleton keys as connectors completes this art piece.The pendant is 4 inches wide and three inches high. The necklace is approximately 18 inches. This is a unique one of a kind composition. And an elegant accessory."

This  " pierced ,embossed brass disc is the stage for this little fairy made from an awesome frozen charlotte ( made by Moi...Wondrousstrange). She is mounted to a copper butterfly with blue sparkly wings and the pendant is suspended on a coil of square brass wire through which a 2mm sterling cable runs. The length of the chain is 18''. The diameter of the pendant is 1.75 ''  (tiny little Charotte from my shop...less than one inch and done in stoneware.)

Harry has branched out and found a great supply of vintage Charlotte's for sell from his shop at fantastic prices..."Frozen Charlotte's are small ceramic dolls from Germany.  These are vintage antiques that were discarded at the time of manufacture and buried in a dump. Recovered by archeological teams and offered for sale as either an interesting item or for jewelry and altered art. All have character flaws such as missing parts, feet,legs or hands." Mega charactor anyone?

If these little guys and girls intrigue you...click on the title above to go to his Charlotte page...and see others as well.

And if all this was not enough...you much check out his blog...http://www.oscarcrow.blogspot.com/
He has reorganizing tips...step by step photos and information on how he puts his lovelies together..and his new workstation:)  Great reading and tips!! Enjoy!! And if you are not familiar with Five and Dime...you will be after a visit to his site:)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

So Well Worth the Wait to See....PalimPalim Makes My Day...

Janna  from Palimpalim.etsy.com who lives in Bremen, Germany sent me a link to her blog posting and these lovely photos of her creation using one of my Egyptian raku treasures:)  Beautiful copper wire wrap work, glass beads, silk ribbon and a most unusual sea urchin spine make this one of a kind necklace a real work of art...to be worn expecting compliments through out the day:)

Click on the title above to go to her blog...and see older posts of her work. Enjoy!! I certainly did:)
And her shop selling this little beauty with others is here.....http://de.dawanda.com/shop/Palimpa-Lim

Friday, March 11, 2011

One World One Heart Keeps on Giving!!

I love those days when the postman comes and I find new treasures waiting for me:) I had such fun visiting the blogs for the One World One Heart and I was lucky enough to win  a couple of prizes.First....
Fairy and Flamingo      
Lonnie Bullington of LJ Studios ( http://ljstudios.blogspot.com/ )sent me the most wonderful articulated paper puppet. This photo from  Lonnie's blog simply does not do it justice. The colors are vivid and there is glitter in all the right places...there is dimension and movement...a truly wonderful creation. When I get it in just the right place...I'll take  a photo to show it's new home...I love this puppet!!!