Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let Me Introduce You To...StudioLaBue

One of my raku circle pendants is used here....

One of my primitive hearts for this lovely piece and....
My little raku wings are part of the focal piece for this necklace.

Etsy newcomer, Emily, of says in her profile:
"My jewelry design is the result of a combination of artistic energy, long Wisconsin winters, and a studio that has to fit on a table top and pack into a few laundry baskets!
As a kid all I wanted to do was be an artist. I went to school for woodworking and functional art in the hopes of designing things that could function and be used.

I love to make jewelry because it is both personal and creative. I started selling my jewelry in a local flower shop and my designs are inspired by the colorful blooms...and people that would filter in and out of the shop. Everyone has a story to tell-and flower shops attract people with stories! I hope you will feel a little of that flower shop feel at my shop. You are welcome to send me a message anytime!

My goal is to be able to hand-make pieces of jewelry that feel custom-made, with small-town flower shop personality!"

Lovely work, lovely on title to go to Emily's shop...Enjoy!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Love the jewelry. I'm jealous that StudioLaBue got to use so many of your raku pieces!!! I'm eying a few, again, myself. Soon...

  2. beautiful… kirei, nice sense.

  3. beautiful!
    Hapy new year to you!
    Love the new banner! My blog needs a make over too... soon...soon.. :)

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