Thursday, December 9, 2010

Treasure At The End Of The Rainbow.....A Great Raku Firing..

I feel like I have raided an ancient treasure chest...hidden by the fairies at the end of the rainbow! Can you believe the richness of the colors from this firing? The kiln God is mostly kind to me and my creations:) But She has out done Herself in this firing.

The glazes are always nice in their coppers and silver and gold tones, but the richness of the blues and magenta are splendid. There are pinks and teals and colors I can't describe.

I can not take credit for this!! The outside temperature, the time to get these into reduction, the time these sat to soak at the 1850 plus degrees are all a variable. This is what I always hope for from a firing, but rarely get:)

It is a shame that no matter how I photograph these, I can not get the richness of color. There is a worn shine on the ridges of the golden yellows like they have been touched and loved for years.

I am working on getting many of these listed. I have cabochons, and pendants. There are insects, and crosses and Guardian Angels. There is even a four eyed catfish in the mix...only from Wondrousstrange would you find a four eyed catfish:)

To say I am proud of this firing is an under I have to start at the beginning again and create some new designs in wet clay, bisque, glaze and try to repeat this firing...hoping for another like this. I love this process...I am so happy to be able to work in this medium!! This firing is my passion revealed:)


  1. magical so very delicate and magical - you should be glowing with pride and joy!

  2. This is gorgeous !!
    The colors are perfect for the pieces !

  3. woooow D. those are perfect !!!
    the cross to the left ...very light is that the one I did buy?
    or is it still left in Your care?
    It sure is a special feeling to get the stuff out of the kiln as You never know exactly how it will turn out and that is one part of the fascination with ceramic :)

  4. I still have most of the crosses pictured here, have not had time to photograph and get listed:)