Friday, December 3, 2010

Pretty In Pink...Etsy Artist's Style

This was an interesting group of finds. Pink just kept coming up in the Pounce Undiscovered it really called for a treasury:) I love the hints of pink in each of these items...or backgrounds. Hope you will take time to visit each artists' shop. Click on the title above to go directly to this treasury page. All your clicks and comments help these wonderful artists make it to the Front Page of Etsy....which translates into sells!! Go Pink!!!

While I have your attention:) Harry at has added another creation using one of my little raku beads.

This is a 2 inch disk of brass is hand embossed and treated with a blue patina. Surmounting this is the image of the full moon face in shiny brass. Hung below is a handmade raku sphere (my raku), and suspended below that are three silver hearts with a vintage patina. Supporting the whole is a fine brass chain 18 inches long.Total length is about 5 inches.

Harry would love a visit from you as well!! Thanks Bunches!!

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