Friday, November 19, 2010

Perfectly Petite Yet Primitive Charlottes

These are such small primitive little Charlotte's. They are flat on the back and are less than one inch in length. I just love how they turned out. Each is so unique in color and form.
So you ask...What do you do with such little pieces?

Before I show you what Susan of has created with the little girls...I thought you might like a glimpse into the firing process of these small treasures. This photo shows the end of the reduction firing. These pieces have been in the chamber for twenty minutes and as the air re-enters the chamber colors shift and change dramatically.
The reds become brighter as they cool down, and the matte pieces shift to coppers and blues.

Now for the promised piece that Susan has beautifully collated into the most unique piece...

She says of her creation...."This sweet little beauty is encased in a 1 inch in diameter watch casing,it also has a bit of moss to add to the magic,along with a sweet tiny glass flower,this will come with a pretty silk sari ribbon to hang on,I love the whimsical quality of it,hope you enjoy,and thanks for looking!! "

If you click on the title above you will go directly to Susan's shop to find this piece and other wonderful treasures to purchase for your Holiday shopping needs.

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  1. These little ladies are so gorgeous! I loved the glimpse at the creation, and Susan's take on them is very impressive. Imagine how beautiful an ornament like that would look dangling near a sunny window!