Sunday, November 14, 2010

Having Fun With Digital Alterations Again:)

ACEO...Inner Space Dreams of Perfection

This is an art card using digital collage. Original base photo was taken this year at the Pine Knoll Shore Aquarium at the North Carolina coast.

Inside low light shots are tough. I thought this one was a throw away, it is not in focus, the coloring to bright. But I rarely get rid of any photo...have found through experience that I can find a use for it somewhere down the line. I love a challenge:)

With some digital slight of hand this became a wonderful bright light sepia. Using an altered vintage image of an octopus, one of my vintage clock face images and digital copy of a page from a precious little book called Dreams that I bought recently from ... it came together.

I am pleased with the salvage of the photo. It is a Dream-scape with a real life creature. There is still so much to explore on our own little world:)

Size is 2.5 x 3.5 inches.


  1. hmmm. thought i was aready a are a fabulous and creative digital artist! thanx for the mention.. i love those little books and with digital you don't have to sacrifice the book for art!!

  2. Wonderful job "saving" the images you needed for this blended image.
    I love making them too. Don't do enough of it tho...I belive you have inspired me however.
    I also love making Kaleidoscopes with images.
    BTW...I just found your blog...and glad I did...I have become a follower and would love to have you come and vist my blog...and join my merry band of bloggers there too.
    I love working with my PSE and PSP programs.

    How long have you been doing digital alterations ?