Sunday, September 26, 2010

Watch For Snakes in the Shed!! Adventures at the Pine Knoll Shore Aquarium

I go to the aquarium to see fish! Imagine my surprise to round a corner to see this colorful but horrifying display amongst the large fish tanks:) I was mesmerized at at the variety of color in this one kind of snake...a Corn Snake.
Now, I can appreciate a snake and how he makes his living. And being a surveyors wife, I understand the good guys and the bad guys. We try to give all snakes a wide birth, but there are times when the bad guys just will not back down. Little do they know there is a man with a 6x12 inch very sharp blade at the end of a five foot stick ready to do battle.
We have a little rhyme we go through...Red to yellow, kill the fellow. Red to black, friend of Jack. Does not always apply to the snakes around here:) We mostly look for a diamond shaped head.
The good guys we take more effort to shoo back into the brush and not hurt them. These good guy corn snakes make it hard to shoo instead of chop:) Especially the Copperhead imitator here. Sometimes you just react rather than try to sort out good guy or bad guy! Some say the only good snake is a dead snake...I say ...
the only good spider is a dead spider!! I'll take a snake any old day, good guy or bad guy, rather than a spider....ugh!!! Webs to ensnare you, eight legs to touch you...and the bites...shake and shiver, ugh!!!!! Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. Those snakes would freak me out!!! It did just that looking at the pictures~ What did you do with them?