Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scary Is...As Scary Does

This turned out to be so much fun to collate. Partly because I was inspired to introduce a new Etsy shop...that of Jay King, www. His creation leads the treasury with promises of more weirdness to come:) I had not an idea that there would be such a grand collection of Scary Is...with in moments of fingertips reach. Every shop was a delight to look at and choose just the right piece. Some were shops I visit often to see just what the artists are up to...others were new and a delight!

I hope you will go to this treasury and take time to visit each and every offering. You will not be disappointed. If you need inspiration to get you in to the Halloween mood...these artists will put you there:)

But, back to truly appreciate Jay's creative genius , you must visit his blog... Each of his faces are accompanied by a moniker and a brief supposition of his creations personality. I dare you to look at only one! His tribal collection is astounding! Like reading the cast of a grand novel, you have to wonder where each face will fit into the storyline...who will be your favorite character.

I happen to have in my possession six of his charactors...they stare at me from their little glass box begging to be held and offering whispers of who they want to become. Welcome to the world of Hidden Missives! Enjoy your visit there!

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