Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love then woke her up and she ate this burning heart

There is the most passionate quote in the movie Hannibal, just after the mesmerizing operatic scene, where Hannibal's intended victim quotes from the Dante Alighieri's poem, La Vita Nuova.
When I first saw the movie years ago...I had to immediately dash home to search for the original...

"I write this piece of poetry for any soul taken by love and any noble heart,
so that they may write me back their opinion about it. I greet our lord, that is Love.
Love itself appeared suddenly to me when one third of the night had already passed.
If I think back about it I’m frightened. Love seemed cheerful while bringing in its arms a sleeping woman wrapped in a cloth and in its hands my heart. Love then woke her up and she ate this burning heart; it then went away crying."

(This is a free prose translation from Dante Alighieri's Vita Nuova, chapter 3...See more at

After which Hannibal offers this incite from possibly his only human connection to normal...
"Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for her, and find nurishment in the very sight of her? I think so. But would she see through the bars of his plight and ache for him? " ... It renewed my awe of Dante's genius. So much love for his Beatrice...and Hannibal's unrequited love for Clarisse?
Based on these quotations I started to work on these two hands...and charms. I was also watching "The Fountain" so the top hand is also inspired by Izzy's Tree of Life.

My husband laughs at me because I am forever mixing metaphors...but this may be a first for me... mixing movies:) Light and Dark at their movie extremes:)


  1. Ahh, but you mixed them beautifully.....

  2. Wowww Dorcas! What a great post and great pieces! Thanks for sharing!

  3. beautifully artfully ingeniously and gloriously mixed...
    one of those lovely hands is now missing from your etsy shop!
    oops! I wonder how THAT happened...