Friday, March 26, 2010

Lovely Gift from a gifted Teacher and Artist...DJ Pettitt

I am so far behind on my blogging! But I could not let DJ's package come and not let you all see what a wonderful gift she created for me. I particpated in one of her informative digital alterations classes earlier this year...and my name was entered into a drawing from class members. I had really forgotten about that perk when signing up. So generous with her knowledge, DJ 's class was much more than I had expected. I have not had time yet to play with all she shared with the class...but very soon I will share with you a few of my interpretations of her innovated techniques for using Photoshop.

But back to my prize...Isn't it a lovely portrait of a blackbird? The lace, the texture, the "Flight of Time" reference is so perfect for my life right you all know...there is never enough time to live, love and create:) Little did she know that black birds/crows/ravens are at the center of my creative force right now. How is that for being serendipitous?

The gift it self is lovely beyond words...but it came wrapped in a sewn brown kraft paper enclosure. Fun to unwrap...but peaking...I saw fabric inside the package...and found a beautiful piece of vintage sari as a still further wrapping around my gift. This was like Christmas to me:) In the center of this swaddling...I found a personal note card and two postcards of her colorful work....then, my gift. Over whelmed and so delighted...this so made my heart smile!

DJ, I can't tell you how much I love my new piece, and all the accompanying gifts. You are a treasure...and I love the treasures you create!!

Just had to share with you all!! Click on the Title for a link to her new blog site.

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  1. very cool way to get a prize. always best for the forgotten because they are always a surprise.