Saturday, October 24, 2009

Win It Wednsdays At Christie Cottage

Christie does a giveaway each Wednesday. The items are sponsored by different artists. You can view the giveaway on Tuesday, then enter on Wednesday...and find out at the end of the day if you won!
I am one of the sponsors on Wednesday,November 4th and I am offering this Celtic Cross in the give away... and you can visit her Etsy shop at...

I will be the 2nd featured shop on the Tuesday before the giveaway and then on Wednesday Christie will have my giveaway.

This unusual raku ornament has such beautiful colors in the light...Coppers,blues,greens,purples...even some silver highlights. These photos are representative of all. It will measure approx. 3 x 4 inches. Could be used as a pendant on a silk ribbon as well. Or hang by your door way.

I have a collection of crosses in my foyer beside my 1930''s glassed door. The morning light is wonderful to show them off.

Visit Christie's blog and enter if you would like to win this unique Celtic Cross. I wish you great luck!

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  1. Cool crosses!

    Yes, November 4th will be your day for Win It Wednesday and you will be featured on Tuesday 11/3 also.

    Thank you for sponsoring a giveaway!