Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Own little Cabinet of Curiositie...

Pam at has a contest going on that I could not resist entering. For a mere eleven dollars I got ten items to peak my imagination...really wanted the little German boy's head... and I get a chance to win money as well. The more artists that enter the more the winning pot.

Having no idea what I would do to pull all these items together...I opened the package and inspected each little item. Like a two year old...the first thing I did was pop the head off the skeleton to see if the little boys head would work there....yes!! The little leg was not a stretch of the imagination to work as well. So off to create...a necklace? That was my first impulse...but the amber pointed dangle could be dangerous! I envisioned wearing my stunning new goth masterpiece to the airport and being locked up for trying to slip on the plane with an object of destruction. I suppose you could even hold an unsavory at bay with such an item?

So wearing my new creation was out! I have been admiring Spirit Boxes for a while and thought I might have all the needed oddities to create a box. The little boys head on the skeleton reminded me of my digital collage in my cabinet of curiosities shop...Do One Thing Every Day that Freightens You. Perfect...I had plan. I had created a nice little ACEO of this one collage, with glitter and all, that would be the tie in for color scheme .

My next inspiration was from Steph at I received the lovely faux bone earrings that I had won in the same postal delivery that day. They were so lovely I decided to use my Spirit Box more as a jewelry display. Don't they look lovely in their little nook? I added her bracelets, and my wonderfully colorful necklace from Elsie at to the mix and I was off and running with ideas.

The display box actually fell into place rather quickly once all my little additions were in one place. Can you find the ten original contest entries? Such fun, such a challenge....hope I win!!! As I was telling Pam...I am already a winner! Look at each of my friends work, displayed not in a box hidden from view...but out in the open for stories to be told...and touched and worn and not forgotten for even a moment!


  1. You are such an inspiration to me D. Time and time again I am amazed by your limitless creativity and ability to shape and form utter beauty. The fearlessness and sheer brilliance in your art leaves me awestruck and invigorated.

  2. Dorcas, this is awsome! Wowwww!

  3. WOWOWOW! I love your creation and I LOVE how my/your necklace looks draped over it...

    I read the contest rules but am a little confused - do you purchase 10 items/listings from a littlepieceofmyart's shops to use in your contest entry - I'm a little lost and confused - HA! shocking I know...

  4. You just buy one contest package, it contains ten pieces. They are different prices I think.

  5. This is must do more of this type of the way you married the doll with the skeleton and the diamontes...bravo!

  6. Love this little cabinet. Thanks for commenting on my blog and congratulations on the treasury!


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