Saturday, September 5, 2009

I won!!! I won!!! Come see what I won!!!

Steph at Vladthebatsattic ask for a name for one of her new treasures. After some thought, I decided her new face reminded me of Babba Yagga, a Russia witch of great notoriety. Instead of a little written story...I did a digital alteration showing Babba Yagga and her home which stands on the leg of a chicken.

My alteration is from an other Halloween picture alteration in my Wondrousstrange Etsy shop.

Go visit Steph's blog to see the posting for the contest.... her work is a must viseral, so primative yet so stylishly now!

Enjoy your visit with this outstanding artist from Belgium!


  1. Of course you won!! Those earrings are LOVELY!!

  2. I appreciate what you did with my little face. Congratulations. Steph's earrings are exquisite.