Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From My Art to Yours

I am always humbled by how beautiful the creations are from artists who buy my little treasures to add to their work. This leather cuff is stand alone gorgeous. I could not have dreamed how perfect this little raku button would be for such a project. Artist Jennifer from made my jaw drop when she shared this photo. Is this not" over the top" fantastic?

You must treat yourself by visiting her shop. It is full of such treasures. A new order goes to her shop today...I simply can not wait to see how she uses these new items. I'll be sure to share with you when I get to take a peek.

Jennifer says of her shop "Tocadora Leather is your place for fun and fashionable leather accessories made from primarily recycled materials. Old belts, unwanted garments, strange bits of metal found in parking lots... Anything is fair game to be re-purposed into jewelry that is tough, cool, comfortable...and maybe just a bit unusual."

You are an artist after my own heart...I love found objects in parking lots!! The rustier the better!

Jennifer also has a second Both shops are a treat for the eye and the creative spirit in you! Thank you Jennifer for sharing!!!


  1. Thank you for featuring one of my favorite people. Jennifer is as beautiful inside and out as her wonderful creations :D

  2. I could tell from our brief convo's that what you say is true! And her creations are spectacular!!

  3. Wowww great combo ! I'm off to visit her shop!

  4. a lovely combination indeed - her leather work is as exquisite as your Raku - I'm not a leather girl but I would wear that amazing cuff!