Monday, June 15, 2009

Way Over Due in Acknowledgment of ....CIF Gift Received

Elsie sent this magnificent necklace and earring set in response to our Craft It Forward challenge. It is perfect and lovely and I adore it! I met Elsie when she wanted to trade for one of my necklaces. I was certainly up for a trade, her work is exquisite! We worked out a trade for a necklace very similar to this that I wanted to give my daughter-in-law for Christmas...that was in July of last year. Long time to hold on to a present for me...and the more I saw the necklace the more I treasured it. I toyed with the idea of keeping it...but it was so perfect for Jenny. It now resides in Oxford,England and looks ever so nice on Jenny!

Elsie and I have become long distance friends...which is so very much fun..and I told her about my hard decision! So when we did the CIF challenge...this was an absolutely perfect present for me! Thanks so much...!

I am still working on Elsie's CIF present...but I think it will please her every bit as much!

Please visit her shop: and her blog:
Beautiful work and an matching personallity!


  1. Hey D! I so look forward to the day that we finally meet, you wearing your necklace and me wearing mine...