Friday, March 27, 2009

The Family that is Art

I am absolutely in love with The Family! That is my art family. Be it those dear souls that share their triumphs and failures in pottery class each week, those who willingly experimenting with new techniques in fiber art guild, or the community of Etsy where I find joy and encouragement every day.

And I love seeing what an other artist will do with something I have created...taking it to further heights...letting it be all that it can be! Thanks to the three artists who have shared their work that encompasses my work. I wanted you to see just how wonderfully creative these three artists are. Please visit their shops and their blogs to get a sense of how art will flow from one to an other. Click on the photo to go right to their shops! You are in for a treat.

What is even more wonderful are the new friendships that evolve through the process. Three photos at right show communication, willingness to give and share, pride in ones art and work. Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone could be open like this?

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  1. the two of us have been very lucky to discover each other through Etsy and art - I love my Mayan disc necklace, LOVE LOVE LOVE it and you my talented friend!!